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What are the most required skills among our tutors?


- You will meet a lot of different students. They work in different industries and have various passions. You need to be open minded and have an interest in motivating students to learn and know their interests.


- Be like a language coach for your students. Your students need help. Learning a language is not bed of roses. A great tutor encourages hard work, monitors progress and gives tips/feedback.


- Practice the 80/20 golden rule! We don't need chit chatter but someone who ss able to guide lessons in a progressive manner. 80/20 rule is very important, It means that your student speaking time occupies 80% of the lesson and you have 20%. Students need to feel their communication level increase gradually. Asking questions and requiring detail explanations would be great help to ensure this.


- Organization and proactivity is a really desired feature. You set your own work hours and that means you're accountable for absence.

- Note taking and regular feedback on every lesson is essential to achieve the best results.


Recruitment process:


1. Filling the form.


2. Online interview with our tutor coach.


3. Online interview with our Chatschool founder.



Why us?

Chatschool is an English language school which focuses on improving students SPEAKING skills. Our students choose our school to break the English language barrier. Their main goal is to speak English fluently.

Our main goal

The is no better feeling than hearing a student say:

"After the course, I'm more confident and got rid of my fears of speaking English."
"Now I feel more confident and I am not afraid of speaking English.”
"I have no language barrier anymore."
"I can speak fluently





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