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Would you like to join Chatschool REMOTE TEAM as a LANGUAGE TRAINER?

Why us?

Chatschool is an English Conversation Platform which focuses on improving students SPEAKING skills. Our students choose our school to break the English language barrier. Their main goal is to speak English fluently.

Recruitment process

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1. Send introduction video to

The form

2. One-way video interview

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3. Demo lesson

Our main goal

Main goal

The is no better feeling than hearing a student say:

"After the course, I'm more confident and got rid of my fears of speaking English."
"Now I feel more confident and I am not afraid of speaking English.”
"I have no language barrier anymore."
"I can speak fluently

Would you like to join Chatschool REMOTE TEAM as a LANGUAGE TRAINER?

FAQ for candidates

What are the most required skills among our tutors?


  • You will interact with a wide range of students from various industries and with diverse interests. Therefore, it's crucial to be open-minded and have a genuine interest in motivating students to learn and understand their individual passions.


  • Be like a language coach for your students. Learning a language is not always easy, and a great tutor should encourage hard work, track progress, and provide valuable tips and feedback.


  • Follow the 80/20 golden rule! We emphasize efficient teaching, which means your students should do most of the speaking during the lesson (80%), while you provide guidance and support (20%). Students should experience a gradual improvement in their communication skills. Asking questions and seeking detailed explanations can greatly assist in achieving this goal.


  • Organizational skills and proactivity are highly desirable. Since you set your own work hours, being accountable for your availability is essential.


  • Taking notes and providing regular feedback after each lesson is crucial for achieving the best results.



Is there a required number of work hours for tutors?

Yes, we require each tutor to be available for a minimum of 10 hours of work per week. While some tutors may choose to work more based on their preferences, this minimum commitment of 10 hours per week is non-negotiable. Candidates who cannot meet this requirement will not proceed in the recruitment process.


Is there a specific time frame in which a tutor should be available?

Please note that we are a Polish company located in the Central European Time zone (GMT+2). All working hours should align with our time zone, which is from 6:00 AM to 00.00.


Is Chatschool exclusively for adult students?

Chatschool primarily specializes in adult education, but occasionally, we provide services to younger students as well. We expect our tutors to be willing to work with both adults and youth.


Does Chatschool only work with individual clients?

We collaborate with both individual clients and businesses.


Are all lessons conducted in a one-on-one environment?

We offer both one-on-one and small group lessons to cater to different learning preferences and needs.


What is the hourly rate for tutors?

Tutor hourly wages are adjusted based on the lesson mode and the number of lessons conducted on our platform. The hourly rate falls within the range of 45-63 PLN.


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