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If you have not recorded video yet, please record video according to our requirements:


  1. Always a horizontal video.

  2. Camera has to be on the level with your eyes! 

  3. Camera has to be on a stable surface - do not hold it! 

  4. Natural daylight or powerful lamp lighting from the FRONT- do not record at night.

  5. Find a quiet place free from possible interruptions.

  6. Check your background - it should be clean, do not show other people moving or different disruptors.

  7. 0,5-1 min long 

  8. Introduction video should contain: a) Introduction: name, what languages you speak, credentials, work experiences, courses, studies, certificates, hobbies, your favorite topics. b) Your lesson description:  What do you enjoy about teaching and what is your attitude towards language teaching?

  9. Remember to show your personality, smile, be natural. 

  10. Speak in English.

  11. You can add english subtitles. It always helps beginner students to understand you better. 

  12. Video file can not be bigger than 50 MB

Thank you.
Now, please send us your introduction video to our email: hr@chatschool.pl

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